Rock appeals

to all your sense

ROCK Kitchen & Bar, under the D1 Group, was introduced in early 2023. Despite bring tucked away in a small, private corner in the heart of District 1, ROCK is not only a place to enjoy pure culinary delights but also a vibrant canvas brought to life through the sophisticated combination of art, architecture, and sensory gastronomy.


Brand Value

Create strong and durable threads of connection between the brand and customers, with society, and with the team of employees themselves. From there, strive towards a common goal to develop and grow the team to fulfill the mission set from beginning

Original Beauty

ROCK KITCHEN & BAR is not only a restaurant but also a product of architectural and design art. Inspired by the unique beauty of nature.


Empasize the unique combination of flavors, distinctive varations crafted from high-quality standard ingredients, carefully selected by the skilled hands of restaurants artisans.


An open space outside with a modern misting system, combined with greenery to harmonize the atmosphere as well as spatial conditions, creating a certain level of comfort for customers during their experience.


Draw inspiration from the beauty of nature and the uniqueness of stone in particular. The entire space aims for sensitivity, implying a refind appreciation with a deep sense of time.


ROCK brings a fresh breakthrough to your Vietnamese culinary experience. Leveraging the advantages of geographical location as well as a unique, accompamied by a luxurious style. We believe it will satisfy you right from the moment you step in.